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Do I need a new bed?

  • Do you wake up sore?
  • Do you wake up feeling tired or irritable?
  • Is your mattress more than 9 years old?
  • Can you feel any lumps when you slide a hand over your mattress (applying a bit of pressure)?
  • Is there sagging anywhere on your mattress?
  • Do you experience roll-together or partner disturbance?


If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions, you should give consideration to purchasing a new mattress.


If you answered yes to 3 or more of the questions, you should purchase a new mattress as soon as you can!

How do I choose a new bed?

  • Look for comfort - although it seems to have become common “wisdom”, a bed doesn't have to be firm. You'll sleep better when you're comfortable and have less firmness applied to your pressure point areas.
  • Always replace a base and mattress at the same time, as they are designed to work together.
  • Look for the greatest value in a bed, not the lowest price. You will always find a cheaper option, but you should treat a bed as one of the most important investments you'll make.
  • Buy the best bed that you can afford.
  • Buy New Zealand made!

What are the standard bed sizes?

In New Zealand, these are:

  • Single 915 x 1880 mm
  • King Single 1070 x 2030 mm
  • Double 1380 x 1880 mm
  • Queen 1530 x 2030mm
  • King 1650 x 2030 mm
  • Super King 1830 x 2030 mm

What type of bed should I buy?

A good mattress can last up to 10 years or more, so it's a serious investment. Simmons Beautyrest and Sealy offer a 10 year warranty, so you should buy the best bed that you can afford - when you think that every $1000 you spend on a mattress represents about 27 cents a night over 10 years, it's a small price to pay!

Innerspring mattress

  • The most commonly used spring system in the world.
  • Innersprings come in many designs but commonly as an hour glass shape, or as a continuous coil spring.

Pocket spring mattress

  • More luxurious, with individual small springs housed in separate fabric pockets.
  • Springs work independently to respond to individual body weight.
  • Ideal if there's a considerable weight or size variation between you and your partner.
  • Great for no partner disturbance, no roll together, and on pressure point areas.

Visco-elastic mattress (Memory Foam)

  • Body heat softens the foam.
  • The mattress then moulds and re-moulds to your body's contours.
  • Provides support and enables natural movement during sleep.
  • Helps to maintain a correct posture and align your spine horizontally when you are lying on your side.
  • Also great for no partner disturbance, no roll-together and your pressure point areas.

Should I buy a firm bed for my back?

No - a bed that's too firm will create pressure points (mostly around the hips and shoulders) and will not provide a correct spinal alignment.

General tips

Before you buy, think about your existing mattress size and comfort levels and decide if you want more of the same, or if you need a change for better support and comfort.

Do you want to gain extra sleeping room by moving to a bigger size?

Do you want a “do not disturb sleep” and no roll-together?

If you have any other bed questions, don't hesitate to email or phone us, as we are here to help you choose the right bed for your needs.


Can you deliver to rural areas?

Yes we can, but please email us with your address details and we will get a delivery quote to you within 48 hours.

My town is not listed as one of your delivery locations - can I order a bed?

Yes you can, but please email us with your address details and we will get a delivery quote to you within 48 hours for delivery to your area.


How long does delivery take?

This depends on what we have immediately available in stock:

  • Delivery is within a week if we have your items in stock.
  • Mattresses or mattress and base sets should arrive within 2 weeks if they have to be ordered from one of our manufacturers.
  • Furniture can take up to 6 weeks if it has to be made, but we do have a wide range of bedroom furniture in stock ready for immediate delivery.

Some of our suppliers are in the North Island, so if this is where you are located, we can arrange delivery directly from them to you to save time and shipping costs. Please feel free to email us or phone us regarding selected items you wish to purchase and we will do our best to get them to you ASAP.

I want to buy a few items, but the freight price seems high.

The freight charges are worked out by cubic metre or as a minimum charge, so it is best if you give us a call or email us and we'll see what the best freight charges we can arrange for you are, and give you a quote within 48 hours.

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